Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Now Employed by CSG!

I'm really excited to announce that I have accepted a position as the Sr. Experience Architect at Customer Solutions Group (CSG)! I went out to Denver and interviewed with CSG this past Thursday and Friday and was offered the job this weekend.

I'm really excited for a few reasons:

1st: I get to do Surface development full time.
2nd: I get to develop really cool surface applications with real business value.
3rd: The folks at CSG are top notch and their product and business plan are rock solid.

Sadly, I can't say much more than that right now as CSG is kind of in stealth mode. I'm really looking forward to sharing what I'll be doing with everyone when I can.

In the mean time, thank you to everyone for all your help in finding new employment. It was really fun talking to other companies and I'm honored that this old dog was considered to be of some value by those with whom I interviewed. It was a difficult decision because there are a lot of great companies out there!

On a last note, my heart goes out to other people who have been laid off. It's hard not to see a layoff as an indictment of your own career but don't take it that way. Lots of people of the best caliber are getting pink slips these days.


JoshB said...

Congrats Richard, glad you were able to find a job doing the thing you love!

acurtis said...

Congrats! (Saw the link to your blog on the Surface forums ;)

Scott Mark said...

Congrats - that's awesome!

Matthew McCullough said...

Richard, that's great news. Welcome to Denver. We'll have to meet up for coffee or at a NFJS event... Just so you know, many folks in Denver associate CSG with the large billing systems provider I've worked for many times,

Also, you might want to reconfigure your link at NFJS, as your NFJS page says your blog is hosted at, but that seems to be dead. Check it out at this page:

All the best,
Matthew McCullough