Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Are Going To Change The World!

FlyingWord, Inc. the new company that I co-founded with Joe Weber is off to a great start. We just submitted our first full-length adaptation of a novel, Treasure Island, The Experience to Apple and we are already developing our next title, Twas’ The Night Before Christmas. We have plans for at least two more titles before the end of the year. Next year we will create dozens of titles every one of which will set a new standard in this nascent industry.  As my co-founder put it, Treasure Island, The Experience while wonderful for its innovations is only a start. It's us sticking our toes into the water of this new paradigm.  You haven’t seen anything yet. 

The app/book industry, riding on the foundation of the tablet as the perfect delivery device, is going to blossom over the next few years. Just as the radio, television, and the Internet changed the World, so too will the tablet.  Film and television will change, but its literature that will go through the most fundamental change.  

The app/book changes the way we read.  It makes it possible to move reading beyond static text and illustrations (which is still where it is even with the Internet) into portable and convenient audio, visual, and tactile experiences that are only possible with modern tablet computers.

I feel as if my entire life has lead me to this one industry, this one moment in time, and I intend to make the most of it.  We will set the pace for this new industry and this new era in literature.  We will define it as a business and we will define it as an art. FlyingWord – along with others – is going to change the World.

Treasure Island by FlyingWord - The Experience from FlyingWord, Inc. on Vimeo.