Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking for Dune Artists

"Fremen of Dune"
by Sammy Hall
One of the most important aspects of an app/book like Dune is the art work.  The design I've come up with requires no less than 200 pieces of art and that's going to be really difficult to get.

I've gone out and looked for great artists to do the work and I think I've found the first one. His name is Sammy Hall and you cans see more of his work at his web site.  Sammy has agreed to do several mechanical drawings for a pitch to the Frank Herbert Estate.  Take a look at his art and if you like what you see send him an email or comment on his blog.  Thanks, Sammy.

Another artist I want to work with is Donato Giancola who specializes in portraits (not one of Sammy's strengths). Donato was recently chosen to design some stamps for the US Post Office celebrating space exportation. He's willing to do a set of six portrait sketches for about $1,000.00. That's not a bad price but I've asked him to wait until I can be sure the Frank Herbert Estate is interested.
" Boromir in the White Mountains "
by Donato Giancola

One of the problems with working with multiple artists is getting the style to complement each other. As you can see Sammy's art doesn't exactly fit aesthetically with Dontano's.  I may have to choose one of the other. While Donato work is more mature, Sammy's is closer to the Frank Frazetta look and feel that I want. Add to that the fact that he's working on the pitch images for free gives him an edge.  What would be ideal is if Donato could stylize his work fit better with Sammy's but I suspect he may not want to do that.  

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